Microsoft Access®

Workflow Products has extensive experience in Microsoft Access consulting.

Workflow Products, LLC can build you a feature rich, low cost application using Microsoft Access. We have done so many projects over the years that frequently we use our in house templates to quickly build your custom project. For example, when building a new calendar and scheduling application we often start with our calendar app template. This speeds development and gets you to a working application much faster than a from-scratch solution. Our programmers have many years of experience in older versions of Microsoft Access as well as related technologies such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL Server. Over the years we've exported data from many database types and brands, including proprietary software programs such as ERP systems, accounting programs, Microsoft Access databases, ACT!, GoldMine, Filemaker databases and even old DOS-based database applications.

We're aware that Microsoft Access consultants and developers can vary greatly in their expertise. We have an extensive catalog of existing solutions that can be made available for demonstration, and many of our existing customers are available for reference purposes. Typically we start out with a very small project, a day at most. This way you can see what it's like to work with us out before you make a decision about who to use for your project.

Our Microsoft Access applications are user-friendly and practical. Since we customize everything for your company you rarely need to train your employees in how to use them.

Do you have a Microsoft Access application already? If you are considering a web application or another database application platform we can help you evaluate your choices. We know Microsoft Access is not a perfect fit for every company or application. For more information about evaluating software application architectures see our white paper Important Topics In Software Strategy For Business (PDF).

Microsoft Access Proof of Concept, Prototyping and MVP Applications

Microsoft Access is sometimes used as a prototyping tool. When the viability of a project design is unknown, Microsoft Access can be a very inexpensive way to get a semi-functional application. If you are looking to test a user interface or just want to turn a drawing into something clickable then we can help. After we're done creating your prototype you can have anyone you like complete the project.

Microsoft Access Database Troubleshooting And Performance Tuning

If you already have a database solution that is behaving badly, running too slowly or not working the way you would like you can use Workflow Products to help fix problems or optimize the application. We don't require a contract or a long term relationship. We can cover for your regular consultant's vacation or work with any other IT company to make sure you are covered.

Our employees have extensive database performance tuning experience including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and other database vendors large and small. If you need a performance fix and your current vendor isn't able to move the needle we'd be happy to consult on a one-time or as needed basis.

Microsoft Access Conversion

Our programmers have extensive experience in converting database applications of all kinds into Microsoft Access applications. Do you need help with a Microsoft Access database that's in the wrong version of Microsoft Access? We can migrate Microsoft Access applications to any version you need.

Would you like your Microsoft Access database to work with Microsoft SQL Server? We frequently migrate file-based Microsoft Access databases to Microsoft SQL Server in one day.

Are you interested in publishing part or all of your Microsoft Access data to a web application for desktop, tablet or mobile? We have many clients using both Microsoft Access and web applications. Data updated in Microsoft Access is always instantly available in our web applications and vice-versa.

Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access Conversion

Do you need help converting your current Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a Microsoft Access application? We can help. We have extensive experience building custom applications from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Don't be embarrassed if you feel your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are poorly built! We can work with you to give you what you need regardless of your Excel skill level.

Microsoft Access Support

Are you new to Access or need help with a particular problem? We provide Microsoft Access support on demand. We bill to the minute so there's never a problem that's too small to be worth a call. When available we provide our internal database templates for free to clients. You could end up starting with one of our templates and purchase just the help you need to build or design your own solution. We're happy to help and we don't discriminate against local competitors. We want all Microsoft Access consultants to be the best they can be.

Microsoft Access Training And Coaching

Workflow Products offers on-site corporate one day and three day Microsoft Access training classes for software engineers that need to quickly acquire Microsoft Access skills. Software engineers will learn a wide array of best practices.

Did a standard Microsoft Certified training course let you down? We tailor our courses to the student's background and limit course material to the desired knowledge base.

Microsoft Access training is important for software engineers that aren't familiar with Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access development has many obscure pitfalls that defy expected behavior. For example, avoiding many glitches, bloat and performance issues are simple to do but not obvious for a beginner without training. Additionally, Microsoft Access development speed can be increased significantly if a new developer understands the ideal balance of where to code various features. Unfortunately, Microsoft Access doesn't encourage proper code placement. The guidance of an experienced Microsoft Access developer can be very valuable.

If you think you may be interested in learning Microsoft Access or becoming an independent software consultant offering Microsoft Access-based solutions to clients, give us a call at (817) 503-9545. We have a coaching program that can get you to your first sale fast.