About Workflow Products, L.L.C.

All employees of Workflow Products LLC receive periodic training in professional ethics and confidentiality, HIPAA compliance, ITAR compliance and EAR compliance.

If you need a specific compliance requirement for your industry please let us know.

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Jen Tocci
Contracting Coordinator

817-503-9545 ext. 1011

Desktop Support

Nunzio Tocci
817-503-9545 ext. 1003

Web Support

Michael Tocci
817-503-9545 ext. 1002
Cross Tocci
817-503-9545 ext. 1004

Envelope Support

Joseph Tocci
817-503-9545 ext. 1001

Workflow Products L.L.C. Corporate And Employee Code Of Ethics

We will respect best practices and prevent the recurrence of problems through documentation and testing.

We will share our knowledge with our clients and their partners.

We will walk the road of best value for our clients, even if that means advocating a client use another service provider.

We will respect our client’s privacy and safeguard their intellectual property.

We will not delay to ask for help if we reach the limit of our skills.

We will not enter into three party transactions. We cannot work in our client's best interest if we accept money behind their backs.

We will avoid all conflicts of interest. In the event a conflict is unavoidable, we will inform the client as soon as possible.

We will keep the client informed of all matters that we would want to know, especially if we are at fault.

To the best of our ability and judgment we will uphold these values, regardless of hardship.

Accessibility Info

General Policy Statement

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that access disabled Customers, Prospects and Employees of Workflow Products, L.L.C. can access websites and webapps created by Workflow Products, L.L.C. This policy contains links and references to standards and tools we use, the instructions for testing our widgets and web pages for compliance, and instructions for feedback.


Accessibility Conformance Testing

  1. Use the aXe browser add-on to check for errors. There are certain warnings that occur that do not apply.
  2. Use NVDA to attempt using the page. The page may need to be re-arranged to make sense for screen readers.


    If there is an accessibility error that we are not aware of, please notify us via your POC. If the error has to do with the framework and not the individual page then create an issue on our open source project to make us aware of it: https://github.com/workflowproducts/envelope/issues

VPAT™ (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®)

    Download here.