Microsoft Excel®

Workflow Products has extensive experience in Microsoft Excel consulting.

Microsoft Excel is the engine that runs the entire business world. Typically an Excel project starts as a single spreadsheet to serve a single purpose. Without guidance and discipline you can easily end up with a blizzard of Excel spreadsheets flying around. We can help.

Microsoft Excel consultants can vary greatly in their expertise. We have an extensive catalog of existing solutions that can be made available for demonstration, and many of our existing customers are available for reference purposes. Typically we start out with a very small project, a day at most. This way you can see what it's like to work with us out before you make a decision about who to use for your project.

Do you have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that has become a critical part of managing your business? If you're considering a web application or database application to replace your Excel spreadsheets, we can help. For more information about evaluating software application architectures see our white paper Important Topics In Software Strategy For Business (PDF).

Microsoft Excel Troubleshooting And Support

Do you need help with a particular Microsoft Excel problem? We provide Microsoft Excel support on demand. We bill to the minute so there's never a problem that's too small to be worth a call. We can help you get started or help you design and build your own solution. We're happy to help. Are you a local Microsoft Excel consultant? We're happy to help! We don't discriminate against local competitors. We want all Microsoft Excel consultants to be the best they can be.

Convert Your Microsoft Excel Solution To A Desktop, Mobile Or Web Application

Do you need help converting your current Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a desktop or web application? We can help. We have extensive experience building custom applications from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Don't be embarrassed if you feel your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are poorly built! We can work with you regardless of the current state of your project.

Microsoft Excel Training And Coaching

Workflow Products offers on-site corporate one day and three day intensive Microsoft Excel training classes for professionals that need to acquire proficiency in Microsoft Excel quickly. You'll learn a wide array of best practices for using Microsoft Excel in a business setting.

Did a standard Microsoft Certified Excel training course let you down? We tailor our courses to the student's background and limit course material to the desired knowledge base. We specialize in offering Microsoft Excel training tailored to a particular profession, background or industry.