Envelope ODBC

Envelope ODBC is a complete platform that makes it easy to build web apps on top of MS SQL Server or any ODBC datasource.

Envelope is designed to completely replace the middleware that sits between your web server and your MS SQL Server database. It does this by exposing your database, documents and other actions via a fixed API. You can publish your Envelope apps to the web or just your local network easily by configuring it behind NGINX or your favorite web server.

All security in Envelope is handled by MS SQL Server by using MS SQL Server ROLEs. This greatly simplifies the security model. Users log in to Envelope through a web interface and get an encrypted cookie, then whenever they attempt to access something, Envelope uses their MS SQL Server user name and password to log in to the database and see if they have permission. MS SQL Server will either answer the request or error depending on if they have permission.

Envelope ODBC is based on the open source Envelope platform for PostgreSQL.


Envelope ODBC Perpetual license $500.

includes source code, unlimited users/CPUs/connections

Paid support and development services available, please call (817-503-9545) for more details.