We can move any application into a web or phone app FAST.

    All our software is free and you own it! We have MRP, ERP, CRM, Project Management, Lot Control Inventory, BOM and Customizable Job Tickets, Integrated Quote and Forecasting, Version Controlled Documents and hundreds of other modules that we use to speed development time.

Problems we fix.

/ Employee leave caused a disruption.

/ You need to hire or train people.

/ Sales aren't where they need to be.

/ Throughput has not grown as you expected.

/ You've been sued.

/ Excel or MS Access is critical to your business.

/ You want a robotic or CNC solution.

/ A critical employee may leave or retire soon.

/ Waste or rework is higher than expected.

/ Equipment downtime has cost you.

/ Profits aren't what you expect.

/ You have a program that is crashing.

/ You need notifications of issues as they arise.

/ ERP, MRP, CRM, etc need work.

/ You want to grow your business faster.

/ You need a trusted third party for any reason.

Call now for support.

We answer the phone!

Reasons to call us right now!

Your accountant requires you to use Quickbooks but you need more.

You are running an important part of your business out of a spreadsheet, calendar app or 'project management' software.

You started out selling products and now you manage projects.

You now realize that customization is absolutely critical, but your chosen platform makes that costly, slow and has frustrating limitations.

You think you're locked in and your current vendor is taking advantage of you.

We can automate anything.
And in this economy, the business that automates the most wins!

We are the fastest software agency in the DFW area!

Why choose us? We're different.

    All our software is free and you own it! We do not rely on third party code to create our apps. Originally developed for military we do not use package managers or other potentially dangerous sources of code.

    We're Fast. Get A Working App In One Day! We routinely push features out to end users in just a few seconds. Since customization is what we do, we've assembled tools to customize your app quickly, so you can afford to make the changes that will save you time. As your app grows more complex the addition of new features does not become more difficult or take any longer to implement.

    Powerful Software Amplifies Your Employee's Strengths. Legacy Applications require highly trained and self-motivated personnel to inform the software that productivity has occurred. Our apps reverse this dynamic and prompt employees to fulfill their goals. By reducing the need for discipline, employees have more energy and motivation for more important tasks.

    Your business: wherever you are! Out of the box software, DOS applications and spreadsheets tie you to a particular computer with the proper software installed. Our applications are easy to use on any computer or mobile device! Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS or Android, we've got you covered.

    You'll never be "locked in". When we write your custom software you own it. That means if you decide to part ways with us not only do you own your data and your app, you also own the code. Since our web technology is open source, you can have any programmer with a background in SQL and Javascript (very common skills!) take over at any time. This means we need to remain competitive to keep your business!

    Our software offers unique security features. For example, our web apps can be audited by you or a third party to verify that the app is secure. We were the first! And since a complete security audit of even a large web app can be completed in less than an hour you can afford to schedule them regularly.

    Yes! We want to bid on your project! We don't require a large financial commitment up front. Instead, we offer to do a very small "get to know us" project, three hours to a day at most. We're confident that you’ll see how much a relationship with us will benefit you. We believe you need to see how much we can do in a few hours before you can calculate value or compare us to the competition. Call for details (817) 503-9545.

Differences that matter to you.

Compass Point

    We have a code of ethics that addresses issues you care about. You should read it. Very few of our competitors even have one.

Code Comment

    A true software company. We write software that picky programmers like us use every day. In over a dozen countries!

Industries we've served lately.

    Let's add your industry to the list! No business is too small to afford our services.

 oil and gas 
 industrial engineering 
 health and fitness 
 retail goods and services 
 human resources 
 property management 
 health care 
 information technology 
 real estate 

Our Users

Custom software pays for itself again and again.

All our software is free.

Our software was written for military. Our systems do not use third party code.

We write all our own software so you never pay license fees.

You pay only real labor costs for services such as setup, data migration and customization.

Got a specific problem?

Over the last seventeen years we've written software for an incredibly diverse set of goals.

Need to increase morale? Done it.

Teach a skill? Easy peasy.

Take a million+ company from paper or a DOS MRP system to a modern ERP system without a single training class?

Done it over and over again.

We dare you to challenge us!

Custom software pays for itself again and again.