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Postage is no longer being maintained


A Free PostgreSQL Administration Tool.

Open Source, Apache 2.0 License

A rich alternative to PGAdmin and psql.

At the heart of Postage is a modern, fast, event-based C-binary, built in the style of NGINX and Node.js. This heart makes Postage as fast as any PostgreSQL interface can hope to be.

But speed isn't everything! Postage is packed with lots of great features:

Postage Electron for Windows

Postage for Windows.

Postage Electron for Macintosh

Postage for Mac.

Postage Electron for Linux

Postage for Linux.

Are you on a Mac or PC? The Postage Electron packages for Mac and PC are more convienient for desktop users. No browser necessary, just run like any other program!

Workflow Products is proud to offer free phone support for Postage during daytime hours CST until further notice! Please call (817) 503-9545.


Postage is very respectful of your screen space.

Postage Autocomplete is semi-intelligent

Postage has autocomplete for database objects and some keywords built in. The included ACE code editor has syntax highlighting, option-drag for selecting text vertically and you can set many options yourself.

Postage Explain Can be Displayed in Multiple Formats

Postage can display PostgreSQL EXPLAIN in a graph format.

Postage Dependencies Graph

Postage can show object dependencies and dependents in graph format.

The Postage Datasheet Screen has Multi-record Copy and Paste Functionality

Postage has a datasheet screen with multi-record copy and paste.

Download Postage For Free

To download postage go to our github release page.

If you have any trouble at all, email for free email support.

Free phone support is available at (817) 503-9545 until further notice.

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