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We write software.

Powerful software for your business.

Are you frustrated with out-of-the-box software that forces you to work a certain way,

suffering because you run your business out of a spreadsheet

or angry because you have to compile reports over and over again?

We can help.

Peace Of Mind

  Our software offers unique security features. For example, our web apps can be audited by you or a third party to verify that the app is secure. And since a complete security audit of even a large web app can be completed in less than an hour you can afford to schedule them regularly.

We're Fast! Get A Working App In One Day

  We can write an entire application before our competitors can draw up a contract. We routinely push features out to end users in just a few seconds. Since customization is what we do, we've assembled tools to customize your app quickly, so you can afford to make the changes that will save you time. As your app grows more complex the addition of new features does not become more difficult or take any longer to implement.

Amplify Your
Employee's Strengths

  Legacy Applications require highly trained and self-motivated personnel to inform the software that productivity has occurred. Our apps reverse this dynamic and prompt employees to fulfill their goals. By reducing the need for discipline, employees have more energy and motivation for more important tasks.

Your business:
on the web

  Out of the box software, DOS applications and spreadsheets tie you to a particular computer with the proper software installed. Web applications are easy to use on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Industry Leading
Web Tech

  Our web technology is the best in the industry. We can assert that because we wrote it ourselves. Since its open source you can have any programmer with a thorough background in SQL and Javascript (most programmers have these skills) take over at any time. We're so good we don't need to lock you in! Find out more at

Yes! We want to bid
on your project.

  We don't require a large financial commitment up front. Instead, we offer to do a very small "get to know us" project, three hours to a day at most. We're confident that you’ll see how much a relationship with us will benefit you. We believe you need to see how much we can do in a few hours before you can calculate value or compare us to the competition. Call for details (817) 503-9545.

Commonly Requested Applications


    We create inventory control systems and customize them for your business. Common features include lot control, serialization, manufacturing process control, kit part demand and forecasting, inventory sourcing and quoting, quality management, FedEx and UPS integration, kit assembly and foreign stock location management.


    Interface with popular accounting software to make your accountant happy. Or we can create end-to-end accounting software just for your business.


    Rapidly adjust to customer requirements and save time. Quote projects from one screen. Copy part lists out of a spreadsheet and paste them into your app to quote the whole list at once. Integrate with email and fax to send quotes quickly.


    We usually start with a simple CRM app and then customize it just for your business. Some commonly requested features are sales funnels, marketing workflows or integrated demand planning, quoting, sourcing or project management.

Production Lines

    We create custom workflows for production lines in manufacturing or assembly. Kiosks, workstations and hardware devices are all compatible. Production line tasks automatically appear at the correct workstation. Once completed, tasks drop out of view and appear on the next workstation's screen.

Document Control

    Standard document control solutions in desktop or web app form are easy. We also create complex and non-standard document creation and control systems with features such as version history, manufacturer schematic revision control or HIPPA/ITAR compliance.

Commonly Requested Features

Live Notifications

    Real time notifications such as SMS or email alerts based on appointments, order confirmations, stock-outs, sales goals or any other metric or event.

Live Dashboard

    Live, real-time dashboards for sales, inventory levels, receipts, shipments, purchases or any other metric. Totals by year, month, day or any other period.


    Reports from the click of a button. With any data you like. In any file format. Or, click a button and have an email pop up with the report attached. Or have reports sent to you on a schedule. Have monthly reports compiled automatically and dropped anywhere you like. Challenge us to implement your unique report ideas.

High Security

    Uniquely secure web applications. We use Envelope for all our web applications. Envelope is a complete IDE for building secure web applications fast. One of the unique security features of Envelope is that a web app built in Envelope can be audited for security by a third party in just a few minutes. Call for full details.


    We've written applications that use popular label printers. Easily print whatever custom labels you require from the click of a button. We also have inventory software for use with wrist mount and hand held iOS and Anddroid devices that integrates with hand held or ring style bluetooth barcode scanners. We never mark up hardware or force you to buy bundled software licenses you don't need.


    We can write scheduling software for any application. Get a custom calendar view that makes it easy to spot conflicts, schedule new work or balance resources with deadlines. We've written custom scheduling apps for line work, production work, manufacturing lines, sales organizations and retail stores.

High quality software pays for itself.

We write all our own software so you never pay third party license fees.

You pay only real labor costs for services such as setup, data migration and customization.

Got a specific problem?

Over the last ten years we've written software for an incredibly diverse set of goals.

Need to increase morale? Done it.

Teach a skill? Easy peasy.

Take a million+ company from paper or a DOS MRP system to a modern ERP system without a single training class?
Done it over and over again.

We dare you to challenge us!

Workflow Products, L.L.C.

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